How to Play Racetrack Roulette

The game of racetrack roulette is played on a European roulette wheel and follows the same rules as the European version of the game, for the most part. There are the numbers one through 36 on the wheel as well as a single zero pocket. The racetrack version of the game simply gives players alternate ways to place wagers on the same roulette wheel, keeping things exciting.

Some of the same inside and outside bets that are placed in traditional roulette are also allowed in racetrack roulette. For example, the dozens bet as well as even money bets are all available. There is also the La Portage rule which gives players 50% of their bets back in the event that the ball lands on zero. In this variant of the game, players can take advantage of neighbor bets; this means that the bets cover numbers that are next to each other on the roulette wheel rather than in numerical order.

There are also fields for what are known as 'Announce' bets. For instance the Series 0/2/3 bet requires players to place nine chips on the table which will cover a wide range of numbers. There are three other announce bets that players can use to their advantage, including the Series 5/8, the Orphan and the Zero bets. Since the table is not specifically marked for such wagers, the player will need to 'announce' them to the croupier in order to have them count. Like traditional roulette, these wagers must be placed prior to the wheel being spun.

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