Playtech Roulette Games : Preview list of all types

Playtech roulette games really do stand out against the rest. The reason for this is the choice offered to players. There are so many titles to choose from including American, French and European roulette, Roulette Pro, 3D games, Mini Roulette and they also have a Premium series that includes even more titles. That's not all, Playtech casinos also offer all their players live dealer titles and TV games too. Every single title that is offered comes with cutting-edge graphics and uninterrupted gameplay. Because of their quality, Playtech games can be found in all popular instant play and download online casinos. So no matter if you like to play directly from your browser or on your mobile casino app, Playtech games will be available to you.

Now before you jump into playing any of the great Playtech roulette games, you should be aware of the different buttons you will find and what they mean. The "clear bets" button is used to remove all bets. The "rebet button" is used to replace all the previous bets you have made. The "spin" button is what starts the game. You can also use the "rebet & spin" button to replace the previous bet and start spinning the wheel. The "double" button is used to double your bets and finally, the "skip turn" button which is active in multi-player mode allows you to skip a turn.

Playtech Roulette Games

As mentioned above, there are a lot of great titles to choose from. The Premium roulette series contains some great titles with 3D design. The games include European, American and French Roulette as well as Roulette Pro. The rules are the same as all games but you will find the addition of the "rebet & spin" button. In the Premium European and French titles you can choose from single player and multi-player modes.

Most Playtech casinos also feature mini roulette games. These are based on the European version with the wheel just having 12 numbered slots and a zero. There are no limits to the bets that can be placed and this often leads to much bigger winnings. Betting on this game is easier too and straight bets have odds at 11:1. Bets between $1 and $25 can be placed.

Roulette Pro is again based on the original European version. The different with this title is that there are additional bets called Call Bets. The wheel has 37 numbered slots and a zero. You minimum and maximum bets on this game will depend on your VIP status with the casino. If you like to play for big money this is definitely the title to play as you can bet up to $5,000 per spin.

3D roulette is a title that comes with a very realistic design that includes 3D graphics and the most amazing, true-to-life sound effects. Above the reels on this game you find a window that displays your gameplay details and the table requirements. The minimum and maximum bet limits are shown as well as the current bet and the amount won. In the lower left hand corner of this window you will find options to help you enhance your gameplay. You can configure the appearance of the game from here and also view the Pay Table. The display that is under the wheel shows the results for the 10 previous spins so you can easily keep a record of the bets you have placed. To the left of your wheel you will find a window that displays Racetrack bets. There are some special bets that can be placed here including Neighbor, Red/Black split, Voisins Du Zero and Tiers Du Cylindre.

Playtech Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer games have become very popular and with Playtech you get to experience the best of the best. There are two different titles available and these are based on their European and French originals. The draw with these games is that you can interact with the dealer and hear them ask you to place your bets. You get to watch as they spin the wheel and you can change your bets until you hear the dealer saying, "no more bets". The dealer will then announce the winning number.

That's not all there is to experience, Playtech also offer three different roulette variations in their TV games section. These are interactive games with presenters and again you get to interact in real-time. These titles are available all the time and they can be tested in free play mode too which is great. If you haven't tried out the Playtech software yet, you really are missing out especially when it comes to Playtech roulette games.

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