Spin the Wheel with Playtech European Roulette

Playtech European Roulette is a free, no download game that is easily enjoyed right here on this website. It is widely known to have better odds than the traditional American wheel. Although the table and wheel can be a bit intimidating to those who have never played before, this is simple to overcome with a bit of information. Since no real money is needed to play the game here, it is possible to become familiar with the different bets and the odds before moving on to real cash games.

European Roulette by Playtech is different than its American counterpart primarily because of the fact that the wheel has only 37 pockets where the American version has 38. This difference may seem incredibly slight, but it has a huge impact on the house edge. The objective of the game is to determine which pocket the ball will land in on each spin. It is possible to place a bet on a single number, on a group of numbers, or even on a category such as even or odd and red or black.

Even money bets are always recommended for Canadian gamblers who are new to the game because there is less risk involved. Similarly, these bets are easy to understand since they pay out even money. Bets on corners, columns or rows have different odds because it is less likely that the wager will be a winning guess. Of course, the largest payout in the game goes to the player who wagers on only one number - this pays out 36:1!

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