Mini Roulette Rules and Odds

Players who are new to roulette often find the game quite complicated. There are more than 40 betting spaces on a roulette table, and thousands of different combinations can be made with these. However, mini roulette rules are a bit different since the bets are simplified. This means that beginners who simply want to learn how roulette works will likely enjoy this game. According to the gambling community, most of the Canadian players prefer the mini version of this casino game, as it is simpler than the original roulette game.

To get started with the free mini roulette game basics, it is important to remember that only the numbers one through 12 are considered--these are the only numbers upon which players can wager. All of the same basic bets are there; red or black, even or odd, and first and last half of the number set can be wagered on. Determining the payout rate for any bet is quite simple, as well. For instance, a split bet on two numbers that are next to each other on the roulette wheel will pay out five to one. This figure is determined by dividing 12 by two to get a figure of six, then subtract one for a payout rate of five to one.

The mini roulette rules themselves present one major problem for gamblers--they cause the house edge to skyrocket. The reason for this is that the zero pocket is still in play, and since only 12 numbers are being considered, the zero makes up a larger percentage of the total numbers. Essentially, the chances of landing on zero are much larger here. While this game is a great way to learn the basics, once players have become familiar, a larger table is advisable.

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