Premier Roulette Diamond Edition isn't your usual game. Know why!

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Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

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Part of the reason why online betting sites have been increasingly popular is the numerous game varieties that can be enjoyed in it. A lot of these games, such as Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, are usually not available in land-based establishments. However, they flourish on the internet because they are really fun to play. It quickly became popular and has become a standard offering in almost all places on the internet. Here, different aspects of the game will be reviewed, such as its rules and odds. Additionally, the strong and weak points will also be discussed as well as all the information needed by the players in order to be familiar with the game.

Originally, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition was first offered in Atlantic City casinos, bit it rose to fame on the web. The one thing that makes this unique is the numerous colors displayed aside from red and black. These include purple, green, yellow and blue. It is available in both American and European versions. Another interesting feature of the online version is it is played together with other players. Although it somehow takes more time, it gives a sense of community among gamers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A strong point of this title is its fun factor - it is very enjoyable to play. Having the ability to put money on purple or green takes color betting to an all new level. Moreover, enjoying the game along with other people brings a great vibe. Another strong feature is the chat box where everybody can message each other while playing.

On the other hand, more colors also mean the best wagers aren't available anymore. Although the odds of wagering on black or red is the same with odd or even, clearly, the more common bets have been removed. Others consider this a disadvantage, while some see it is as another factor that makes the game more challenging.


The odds when playing for real money is just similar to any version of the American or European variant. The one thing that differentiates it from the rest is that players can put their money on any of the six colors instead of just choosing between black or red.

In summary, two things distinguish Premier Roulette Diamond Edition from other Microgaming offerings and those found on the internet in general. First, it has six different colors for wagering instead of the standard two. Second, it is played with anybody who's online and all involved parties can chat while playing.