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European Roulette Gold

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Microgaming is certainly known for its innovation and technological advances in gaming, and this is completely evident when taking a look into Microgaming European roulette. This game is part of the Gold Series that is offered exclusively by the developer, and it can be played for free without a download in order to avoid risk. This comes as a shock to many people the first time they play since the graphics are truly beautiful and unlike anything else that is offered online today.

European roulette by Microgaming follows the same set of rules as versions that are offered by other developers. Essentially, the wheel is lined with pockets for numbers one through 36 as well as a single zero pocket that is always a loss unless a player wagers upon it. Individuals will place chips on the virtual table indicating the number or series of numbers upon which they want to bet, and then the wheel is spun. Wherever the ball lands dictates a win or a loss; even money bets are the least risky while straight bets, or bets on a single number, have the lowest odds of all.

Anyone who wants to play Microgaming European roulette should look into using the Fibonacci strategy. This strategy follows the Fibonacci sequence of numbers (1-3-3-5-8 and so on) to create a betting system that truly works. For the most part, players keep moving forward in the sequence as they lose and then jump back two numbers after a win. Essentially, this is designed to help lose less money and is meant to be used only with even money bets.