Learn the Hot Streak Roulette Rules

Hot Streak Roulette rules aren't incredibly difficult to learn, but it's best to try things out in a free variation before spending your hard earned money if you're new to it. There is a no download variation that is available from several different software providers, however, and this is great news if you're interested in learning how to play online. You won't have to pay for anything and there are no installations, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

The Hot Streak Roulette rules follow the same overall path as the traditional European variant with one minor difference that could result in a major win: there is a unique side bet that you can place and, when it is won, it will pay out an insane 25,000 times your initial wager. This means that if you wager $1, you can win as much as $25,000! This is associated with a set of six numbers on the table that will be plainly marked. All you'll need to click the virtual table and the rest takes care of itself.

One of the best ways to win big with this title is by using the Reverse Martingale system which is a strategy that is designed to help you maintain your bankroll over time. Essentially, you'll want to start with a base unit of $1 as an example. Then, every time you lose, you'll double your base unit. If you lose four rounds and win the fifth, you'll have wagered $1 + $2 + $4 + $8 for a total of $15 but since you'd win $16 on the fifth, you're still ahead! This works only with even money bets.

Jackpot City

Bonus: $1600

Casino High Country

Bonus: $3000

Lucky Hippo

Bonus: $3000

Wild Joker

Bonus: $1000

Nordic Casino

Bonus: $1000