Enhance the Club Roulette Rules with a Betting System

Club Roulette from Playtech software is an interesting offering that Canadian gamblers are sure to find exciting. In fact, those who just want to give it a shot with no commitment can play it for free with no download or registration required at all. Essentially, it is a graphics-intensive spin on one of the country's all-time favorite titles.

The Club Roulette rules are exactly the same as those associated with the European variant of the title. The numbers one through 36, in black and red pockets, can be found on the wheel along with a single green zero pocket. The goal for winning, then, is to accurately predict where the ball will land by placing bets on single numbers, sets of numbers or various other categories. More than one wager can be placed at a time and payouts range from even money to 36 to one for a single number wager.

A betting system used in tandem with the Club Roulette rules can help individuals increase the amount they can win, but it is important to note that the majority are only designed for use with even money bets. The Labouchere strategy is a great example here since the goal is to negate losses with larger wins. Players will construct a betting line of five or more numbers. Then, they will add the first two numbers together to get the first bet. If it wins, the second and third numbers will be added. If it loses, then the same bet will be repeated until it wins. Losses realized in the middle of the sequence will result in going back to the first amount wagered.

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