Bestsoft's Spin on Roulette

Game Info

American Roulette

  • 3D Games:
  • Progressive:NO
  • Min. Bet:$5
  • Max. Bet:$100

American roulette by Betsoft is available to play for free. Canadian players do not have to download anything in order to play the Betsoft American roulette game. This is great for people that do not want to or cannot download casino software onto their computer or other device.

American roulette is as easy to play as the original version, but it is based on double zero roulette. This means that the wheel contains the standard numbers 1 through 36 as well as a 0 and a 00 that players can bet on. The point of the game remains the same; players have to guess which number the ball will land in. In order to place a bet a player will place chips on a single number, a block of numbers, a row of numbers, or on the safer bets of red/black or even/odd.

Betting choices can be a bit difficult in this game, but the odds of winning are improved. The straight up bet is where a single number is chosen. A split bet is when 2 numbers are chosen. The street bet refers to betting on a row with 3 numbers. The corner bet is when a chip is placed at an intersection with 4 numbers. Another option is the dozen bet where a player can bet on one of three groups of 12 numbers. Prizes can be generous based on the bet that is made, which is what makes this game a favorite among casino players.