3D Roulette Rules and Strategy for Everyone

3D Roulette from Playtech software is a breathtaking version of a casino classic that all Canadian players can enjoy with no download required. While it follows in the footsteps of the classic game that people have known and loved for centuries, there is one primary difference - the graphics are presented in beautiful, three dimensional bliss.

The 3D Roulette rules follow along the same lines as the traditional European variant. There is only one double zero pocket which favors the player, and it's simple to get started. Individuals will click on the chip denomination they want to use and then click the space on the table corresponding to the wager they want to place. More than one bet can be placed at a time, and in different denominations. When ready, clicking the 'Spin' button will cause the wheel and ball to start spinning in opposite directions. Then, once it has stopped, individuals are paid out according to their wagers and where the ball lands.

Bankroll management is important to winning any game, so a betting system can be used in combination with the 3D roulette rules. A great one to try out is the Reverse Martingale system, though it is designed to be used only with even money bets. To do it, individuals will need to set a base unit. Then after each and every win, they will double their bets. However, in the event that they lose a round, they will need to reduce their bets back down to single units. The idea is to take full advantage of winning streaks without forfeiting too much on losing streaks.

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